The Return of the Desert Racer


The Desert Racer was the original Mutt, the very first Mutt that Benny built, influenced by racing machines of the great British marques such as BSA and Triumph, made famous by Steve McQueen and other race fanatics in the '60’s.

As a special edition, we are producing an extremely limited run of the Mutt Desert Racer Classic. Each bike will be built to order and numbered with a limit of 13 bikes being constructed for the Japanese market, and 13 available across Europe.

The bikes have a racing pedigree steeped in history, and Benny wanted to create the feeling and look of these bikes he grew up with. Re-creating the vibe and experience of a classic twin-shocked & stripped down British racing machine.

So the very first Mutt was built with this in mind, each bike individually hand built by Benny himself. Each exhaust was handmade, each wheel hand laced and he personally fabricated every part to create the first Desert Racer, echoing as much as possible those original British bikes modified for dune racing that were his inspiration.

Chrome spoke wheels, black diamond-stitch seats, classic burnt orange or sky blue with off white gloss tank and chrome detailing, along with deep tread tyres were the key to giving the original Mutts that quintessential late 60’s British racing vibe.

Only a small number of these original bespoke machines were built in the early days of Mutt and since they have become a collectible bike here in the UK.

Want to get your mitts on the grips of a limited edition 2020 Desert Racer?