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The Suzuki RGV250 is a notable and celebrated motorcycle in Suzuki’s lineup, especially popular among enthusiasts of two-stroke sports bikes. Produced from 1988 until 1998, the RGV250 was part of the competitive 250cc class that included rivals like the Yamaha TZR250 and the Honda NSR250. The bike is especially renowned for its high performance, agility, and the distinctive sound of its two-stroke engine.

Key Features:

  • Engine: The RGV250 is powered by a 249cc, liquid-cooled, V-twin two-stroke engine. This setup was known for its high output and performance characteristics, offering a peak power that varied across the model years and versions but could exceed 50 horsepower in the later VJ22 models with proper tuning and without the restrictions applied to comply with various countries’ road-legal requirements.
  • Frame: Utilising an aluminum frame helped keep the bike’s weight low, contributing to its exceptional handling and agility. The lightweight construction made it a favorite among racers and track enthusiasts.
  • Braking and Suspension: Equipped with disc brakes and a sophisticated suspension setup, the RGV250 was designed for sharp handling and effective braking performance, essential traits for a sports motorcycle.
  • Design: Featuring a racing-inspired design, the RGV250 sported a sleek, aerodynamic fairing, dual front headlights, and graphics that mirrored Suzuki’s GP racing motorcycles. This styling, combined with its performance, made the RGV250 a desirable machine for those wanting a race-replica motorcycle for the road.

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