Latest Mutt Motorcycles News

Latest Mutt Motorcycles News

Latest news & Offers from Mutt Motorcycles


We've been busy in the workshop, updating all of our models with new Mutt hardware and a few tweaks.

A Closer Look at the Super-4

There’s a rediscovered love for retro colour and chrome in the custom scene making it the bike of a seasoned rider who knows what’s up, so we took inspiration from the golden era of style and cranked it up to 11.


If you didn't catch our new monoshock model at this years MCN London Motorcycle Show, then now's your chance to see these beasts in the flesh.

Swing by the Mutt London store and catch the new Razorbacks,for a limited time only.

From Birmingham to the Big Smoke

Our little shed built brand now has a home in the capital city as Bethnal Green welcomed a bit of Brummie Mutt madness with open arms.

The Return of the Desert Racer

As a special edition, we are producing an extremely limited run of the Mutt Desert Racer Classic. Each bike will be built to order and numbered with a limit of 13 bikes being constructed for the Japanese market, and 13 available across Europe.