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Comet Classics has been born out of two friend's enthusiasm for classic & vintage motorcycles and petrol pumps, who between them have over 80 years of automotive and motorcycle experience. What started as a private collection then turned into a business and now stocks over 100 classics motorcycles and petrol pumps, all sourced to represent value for money appreciating classics.

Some motorcycles are restored from the ground up giving our customers peace of mind and trouble free riding, other motorcycles are sold needing some minor TLC for the enthusiast who wants to do a simple restoration. This also applies to the petrol pumps that Comet will supply either fully restored, or in 'as is' condition.

We keep our overheads to a minimum and make sure everything is sensibly priced and adopt a no pressure selling approach, just allowing the motorcycles or pumps to do the talking, recognising that owning a classic can not only give you a lot of pleasure, but will also increase in value.

Newest Stock for sale
This gallery shows a small selection of the motorcycles that we have for sale. For further details of these machines, or the many others that we have available, please see the ‘Motorcycles For Sale’ pages. or click on one of the images.
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