Alfa 158/159 (Alfetta) FI race car replica.Built by Ant Anstead and his team.The Alfa Romeo 158/159, also known as the Alfetta (Little Alfa in Italian[1]), is a Grand Prix racing car produced by Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo. It is one of the most successful racing cars ever produced.
This car was built by Ant Ansteads Dowset Cars.this is truly a sensational looking racer..An original GP period single seater would cost millions today. The single seater is powered by a MX5 overhauled and rebuilt  upgraded engine running twin webbers with a bespoke balanced prop shaft along with a rebuilt gearbox.Bespoke exhausting vintage steering wheel,gauges and seat sets this stunning racer off.
Ideal for track and hillclimb days or just simply to at and admire. Sounds amazing too !!
Call for more details.

p/s the body is made out of fibreglass